The Listening Heart
Hearing God in Prayer

“The unsuspecting words of these daily readings didn’t know they would
become a book, nor did I.” ~Judy Gordon Morrow

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From Halloween to Thanksgiving

When I called my mom the evening of Halloween last year, she said softly, “I took out a photo of the twins and looked at it today.” The twins…my older brother and sister—the sister I never met. One Halloween, decades ago in Fort Sumner, New Mexico, a gas explosion caused … Read More »

The Wonder of a Timely Conversation

A week ago I shared with you how I prayed about “giving up” something for Lent, and how God told me, instead, “to do” something: “Write.” So after a dearth of blog writing, I diligently posted one for several days in a row. Then yesterday a dear friend called just … Read More »

The Wonder of Quiet Walks

In my last blog post I introduced you to Heidi Viars, my new online friend. I sensed immediately from reading her emails and blog how she and I are walking the same path—the joyful path of spending quiet time with our Lord and enjoying His presence. Thankfully, the many miles … Read More »

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