The Wonder of Silence

A sacred time of year like Lent requires sacred spaces. Not necessarily the spaces of a physical nature, but the sacred places of the soul. Places reserved for stillness. When was the last time you were drenched in quietness? With a silence so deep that it seeped into your soul? Or does the thought of that make you so uncomfortable that you are even now reaching for a remote to turn up the volume in your life? Yet our noisy and sensory-saturated world only increases the need for silence. The kind of sweet solitude a child seeks under the welcoming arms of a weeping willow tree. I remember such a tree from my childhood. On a summer day the long, leafy branches brushed the grass, creating a sa

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday Rainy Wednesday Gray, gray Wednesday The gray shadows Before the black Turns to blackest. I’m already glad So relieved, really, That I know what follows The coal ash blackness. I know—I've seen!—what Resurrection light looks like. But tonight... Ash Wednesday night I’m awash in gray. #AshWednesday #Resurrection


© 2017 by Kristin Leff

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