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  • Judy Gordon Morrow

Remember the Wonder of New Beginnings

Dear friends,

This was my first blog post before my original site was completely lost. I added some and tweaked it a bit, amazed how it still felt timely today. I’m enjoying the sense of a fresh start, and I thank you for joining me.

Remember the wonder of new beginnings

What enticing words does one write for the maiden post of a blog? After all, I’m a contented blog follower. I enjoy reading posts on a variety of topics penned by a host of gifted writers. No burning desire has ever possessed me to write a blog of my own. Yet here I am, writing my very first blog post and wondering where this uncharted voyage will lead.

The theme I’m using for my website and blog showed its face to me many years ago on a snowy housebound day. On that wintry morning of white I curled up on my couch to read my Bible. When I came to Psalm 105, “Remember the wonders” lifted off the page with a sense of significance, and I paused in that moment. That would make a great title for a book.

Fast forward to this decade when I prayed about a blog title, and God reminded me of those words that have endeared themselves to me over the years: Remember the wonders.

So here I am, dipping my timid toes into these scary waters of blogging—an apt metaphor for this non-swimmer—hoping and praying that I will find the waters just fine. Delightful, even. I believe the best part will be linking hands and hearts with you, the reader, as together we “remember the wonders” of everything from an amazing answer to prayer to a recipe that is as good as it is easy.

In fact, what wonder of God are you remembering right now? It may be as small as a spider weaving its intricate web or as wondrous as a friend’s healing from cancer. The size of the wonder doesn’t matter. Remembering the wonders reminds us that our God of wonders of the past is also in this present moment and situation with his same loving care.

I hope and pray that the timidity I feel now in beginning this blog will be transformed into a sweet-filled wonder that I will someday gladly remember. Already I’m thinking about the joy of getting to know readers like you and learning of God’s gifts of wonder in your lives.

What wonder, big or small, are you reflecting on right now? Care to share? I’d love to hear from you!

In remembering God’s wonders from the past, we recognize he is with us in the turbulent waves of today.

Together let’s be encouraged that these very times will one day be wonders to remember. Thanks for sharing!

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